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'the best way to predict your future is to create it'' -Peter Drucker


Career & Organizational Development

reinventing your career                

We live in a historic, disruptive and challenging moment as we transition from the third to the fourth industrial revolution. We observe on a daily basis how science, technology and social movements are transforming our society at breakneck speeds. The world of the future has already presented itself in our reality which necessitates changes in our ways of understanding labor markets.

In the past, we entrusted companies with our career plans, but today they are looking for ‘Talent’. In the search for the new knowledge worker, companies pursue a new service provider, collaborative, and agile mentality with an increasing number of competencies at a higher competitive level.


In a world that has become exceedingly complex due to its volatility, uncertainty and ambiguity, a new type of self-motivated and innovative leader that is capable of managing their own career is required as well as a new kind of solution provider who understands and leads the challenges of the new society.


In today’s world, our professional career is not defined merely as work, but rather, it has increased in complexity and has become ‘liquid’, influencing everything we do and in turn our career. The decisions that we make with respect to our careers are vital as they shape our identity and frame our way of interacting with the world, are linked to our economy, influence our emotional health, and contribute to the quality of our relationships at every level whether personal, social, family and, of course, at the workplace. Therefore, it becomes of key importance to learn how to manage them in a way that makes it possible to balance personal satisfaction and productivity in the workplace.


'we not only have to reinvent our organizations, we must reinvent ourselves as well. -Bill Fischer

In this new scenario where innovation meets value creation, leadership, entrepreneurship, and professional career, we propose a set of solutions for professionals, entrepreneurs and managers who seek to ‘reinvent themselves’, to improve their productivity and quality of life. These aspects are fundamental for the development of healthy organizations.


How does one develop personally and professionally and become the architect of one's own future while creating value in organizational systems?


At Eurocoaching, we are committed to providing practical, effective and high added value solutions for our clients. We use our integrated intervention system that incorporates the proven effectiveness of applied professional coaching with mentoring, training, and HR + organizational development consulting. This allows our clients to design, model and learn to manage  career strategies tailored to their particular needs and aspirations.


We share our values of confidentiality, professionalism and trust with our clients in all our projects.


We challenge you to think beyond the possible.

plan estrategia carrera profesional

Career plan and strategy

Coaching ejecutivo y de equipos para el liderazgo

Executive and team

leadership Coaching

Creación y desarrollo de auténtica marca personal

Development of authentic

personal branding

Recolocación/outplacement Transiciones laborales

Outplacement/Career transitions

Búsqueda de empleo y preparación de candidatos para procesos de selección

Job search and preparation for recruitment processes

carrera profesional orientacion

Career re-orientation

Emprendizaje y startups

Entrepreneurship and startups

Orientation and preparation for MBA programs

Founded in 2006 Eurocoaching® is a global firm based in Madrid Spain

We work internationally, adapting to your global challenges